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March 1, 2007

What I Know For Sure by Jennifer Colter

When I was growing up I remember being asked that same profound question over and over again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” With the world being my oyster, how could I possibly narrow my promising career path to just one profession? I couldn’t and I didn’t. A cool radio dj, more-famous-than-Oprah talk show host, professional softball player, psychiatrist, and news anchor were all jobs I planned to have…all before I was 30! To an adolescent, those seem like pretty realistic goals—and thankfully, I was raised by parents who encouraged me to believe that.

As we all matriculate through life’s twists and turns, we begin to realize that perhaps the things we thought were meant for us, really were just dreams. And being a real estate agent, professional athlete, restaurant owner, or a Las Vegas showgirl were aspirations that kind of just faded into the background of our 40 hour work week realities. You know…the kind of idea that is ridiculous now because we have families, “jobs”, responsibilities, and real life things to deal with. What I’ve just illustrated is the kind of thinking that prohibits us from being who we were purposed to be. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that no matter how impractical or inconvenient your aspirations may seem, you have a responsibility to shoot for them at the very least. I suppose you can say that if the entrepreneurial bug has hit you, then there is a good reason for that. I encourage you to embrace it, receive it, and act on it.

Here at iBusinessChannel.com, the foundation and fabric of this dynamic channel and network is built on an entrepreneurial spirit. Frankly, none of us could function in a “normal” corporate environment with all their inside-the-box thinking. Yuk! We challenge you to think outside the box and reach for the things that feel impossible to you. Start a business, take a class...just decide to strive for something you put on the back burner, because what I know for sure is that you are not living unless you’re doing what you love to do! See you…on the Ribbon! (SM)

March 14, 2007

We Gather Together...Online by Jennifer Colter

If you are anything like me, you basically live, work, and play online. I'll admit it. If someone threw my PC or Sidekick in the ocean right now, I'd be nosediving faster than the Titanic to retrieve them. With the whole world--and by extension our lives--moving at the speed of light, the technology created to keep up with us is very appealing.

If you can't beat 'em...join 'em!

A really cool aspect of being umbilically attached to the Internet is one's ability to make their surfing productive. When time-starved professionals like myself find it near impossible to attend all the networking events and mixers around the city, but need to be in the know, you're left to wonder how to meet new people, promote your business, or learn about others. I've got the answer, and it doesn't involve cloning.

Over the past few years more and more online communities have been surfacing that really are geared toward aspiring professionals. Once you sort through all of the tempting dating and singles sites, you can land on some communities that work hard at connecting professional people to each other. What's more, as I anxiously click the "Join" button, I'm thrust into a whole new world of partner sites that are just as attractive as the last. The communities I'm referring to are sites that provide information about starting a business, seminars and classes available on any topic, events and venues around my city and the rest of country that bring professionals together, and a plethora of other resources that are designed to empower and enlighten. So what if you have to sit through a few ads that hypnotize you into buying office supplies or purchasing the latest gadget. This is good stuff here, and just what an upwardly-mobile, professional young woman like me needs!

So, the next time you find yourself faced with deadlines, meetings, and a bunch of other things that are time-sensitive and you don't have the time to hit the after-hours spot with your co-workers, jump online to some communities built just for you. With places like gather.com, gobignetwork.com, meetup.com, and of course ontheribbon.com (I'm not crazy you know) available to businesspeople everywhere, you just may find that strategic alliance your company is needing to get to the next level. Gather together online where you can network with convenience...even if you are at home in your underwear.

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