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January 18, 2008

There's Profitability in Business Books by Jennifer Colter

Profitabilitychannel.com has quickly become Atlanta’s leading internet broadcasting network geared toward entrepreneurs and small business owners, and their crop of new programs airing this year just made this burgeoning online network bigger.

“Cover Stories”, a show that features and spotlights the authors of some of the world’s best selling business books has garnered remarkable ratings and has been brought back for another season due to its huge success. Authors from as far as the U.K. and Ireland have been guests on the show and the international buzz is just getting started.

Production Manager, Susan Roman, says this about the new show, “The series has considerable potential. Internet broadcasting is a perfect medium for this type of programming. Our guests will be highly-successful and well known people who have written bestselling books that are of immediate interest to our audience. This means the programs are not only educational and entertaining as broadcasts, they also become a resource.”

The production schedule for the year has started off a busy one with some of the country’s most dynamic and inspiring business leaders and innovators appearing as guests. Programs included in the new lineup are “Business-Government Connections”, “Human Capital”, “Get the Most out of QuickBooks” with expert Kathryn Gibbs, “The Real Deal”, “Sales and Marketing” with Paul Terlemezian, “Tech Talk” with Brent Leary, and a host of others designed for enterprising professionals.

Viewers can watch “Cover Stories” and Profitabilitychannel.com’s other programs 24 hours a day for FREE with a membership of only $29/month or $299/year.

The producers of “Cover Stories” are actively pursuing guests for upcoming shows and are constantly looking for authors who have written a business book that breaks new ground. “Cover Stories” is a program on ProfitabilityChannel.com: the Internet Broadcasting Network.

January 21, 2008

Payroll Processing...You've Got Options! by Kathryn Gibbs

Now, I realize that for most business owners, the subject of payroll processing is not a "fun" topic. But if you have employees (even if it's just you), payroll is a reality of your business that cannot be ignored.

Before you hire a payroll service, or if you are considering changing providers, you need to be sure that the option you choose is going to provide you with a level of service and features that fits your business needs AND your budget. Watch Profitabilitychannel.com on January 25th when I talk about the many options available to you for processing payroll--no matter if you're company is big or small.

This webcast, "Getting the Most out of QuickBooks" will help you understand some of the common terminology used by payroll providers so you can "speak their language" and better communicate your needs to them.

In addition, we will also do a comparison of QuickBooks(R) Payroll to 3rd Party Providers you may know (like ADP & Paychex) and a few you may not know. And of course, we'll answer your very important questions if you decide to call in or simply chat in to the studio during the broadcast.

Remember, succeeding in business doesn't always have to be a stressful journey. At Profitabilitychannel.com, we show entrepreneurs and business owners how to work smart and not hard.

January 22, 2008

Payroll...A Critical Function to Get right!

This Friday, January 25, 2008 at 10 AM Live on the rapidly-growing Profitabilitychannel.com, Kathryn Gibbs will continue her exciting new QuickBooks® training program.

Considered the “Atlanta QuickBooks® Queen” and top expert in the field, Kathryn's show is aired monthly, each with a different area of QuickBooks(TM) members can take advantage of. This highly interactive and up-close-and-personal tutorial viewed on the Internet, teaches more efficient bookkeeping and provides viewers with first-rate training in a software application designed as a resource for business professionals.

As an enthusiastic teacher and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® since 2003, Kathryn will definitely show users how to get the most out of their QuickBooks® software.

Call in or chat in questions for Kathryn on this live program. It will be archived for people who can't watch the live program.

Profitabilitychannel.com, a Ribbon Channel, produces original training programs for time starved business owners and managers who want to increase their profitability in all areas of their business. The ease of having 24 hour admission to a host of shows about financial literacy, bookkeeping, real estate and investing, emerging technology, and sales and marketing strategies is a resource intended to bring any company success.

Viewers can catch Kathryn’s program by logging onto www.profitabilitychannel.com at 10 AM (EST) and clicking the “channel schedule”. All of the month’s programs are listed under the channel schedule, so viewing is easy and convenient. To get 24/7 access to ALL of the programs, events, archived shows, and more, join on as a member for only $29/month or an easy $299/year.

For more information about the QuickBooks training program or any of the Profitabilitychannel.com’s other shows, please call Jennifer Colter at (770) 729-0258 or jcolter@ontheribbon.com.

January 25, 2008

C.O.B.R.A.: Learn More on Business-Government Connections

U.S. Department of Labor representative, Ms. Becky Johnson, is a guest on Profitabilitychannel.com's "Business and Government Connections" program airing February 12th, 2008 @ 12:00 noon.

The federal government uses acronyms for everything and COBRA is one of them. To most people this term means continuation of health care coverage for employees, their spouses and their former spouses and their dependent children.

Becky Johnson, a Senior Benefits Advisor for the U.S. Department of Labor, Atlanta Georgia will be my guest on Business and Government connections. Becky coordinates outreach activities in seven states. Prior to working in the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefit Security Administration she worked for OSHA for 8 years.

Becky will discuss how and if COBRA applies to small businesses. She will discuss what employers need to know about their options on the implementation of this federal law. She will talk about the types of procedures employers should consider and where employers who need more information can find help. She will discuss how long COBRA coverage must continue?

Tune in, Becky Johnson will make a federal program easy and manageable for business owners. The most timely and relevant information for your business is always showing on Profitabilitychannel.com!

January 31, 2008

Aim For The Heart by Carson Conant

What comes to mind when someone says “leadership”? Who do you think were the greatest leaders in recent history and what made them so? Was it George Washington’s determination that led to the creation of a new nation ... Winston Churchill’s steadfast resolve that led England to stand up to Hitler’s conquest of Europe ... or Sam Walton’s vision that changed the retail industry? These are, undeniably, characteristics of great leaders. However, all too often, the characteristics of the leader and the resulting leadership —his or her ability to lead — are thought of as the same thing. Yet, there is a vast difference between a leader and leadership. Leadership is the result; the leader is the cause. And the difference between them is in the people who follow the leader. So, what makes great leadership worth following?

In the upcoming February 4th Ugly Truth About Business show, you’ll be introduced to a special business leader, Tom Mathews with Investment Advisors International from Duluth, Georgia. Tom is one of those rare people who consistently demonstrate the characteristics of a great leader, evidenced by the many passionate and dedicated people who follow his vision every day. Yet, despite his being adored, Tom leads with a quiet humbleness and dignity, and attributes all his business success to his team of thousands (and still growing). Tom explains that leadership is not about motivation or inspiration. Leadership is about capturing people’s hearts.

Too many business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, generals, and fathers and mothers fail to achieve great success through leadership because they are focused on how to motivate and inspire their teams and subordinates to follow their vision. True leaders, however, don’t focus on how to get people to follow their vision. Instead, they take the time to learn about the people they are leading — their hopes, dreams, and visions — and then show them how to achieve their dreams by following the greater vision.

People follow great leaders, not because they are so hyped up on motivation and inspiration to achieve the leader’s dream. They follow when they see (that they have) the ability to achieve their personal hopes and dreams ... by achieving the greater vision the leader has laid forth. “You must aim for the heart in order to inspire the mind,” Tom explains. “As soon as people see in your vision the ability to reach a future they can only dream of, they will follow you to the ends of the earth.” It takes leaders with vision to help people see and articulate their dreams. It takes leaders with compassion to help people believe they can realize those dreams. If you see any organization achieve a large degree of success, you know there is this kind of extraordinary leadership at work. Visionary heart-empowered leadership is the key ingredient that determines success: If you have it ... winning is predictable, and if you are missing it ... your future is uncertain.

My challenge to you is to find out every one of your team members’ goals, dreams, and visions for their future. Get to know the depths and details of their goals, until you can picture in your mind the life they are striving for. Then, focus a part of each day on what you can do to help them achieve their dream through your vision. I predict that this will be one of the greatest changes you will ever make, both personally and professionally. Once you stop focusing on how to lead people by getting them to see and follow your vision and instead aim for their heart and show them how to achieve their dreams through your vision, you will have become ... a leader worth following. Be a Visionary Leader!

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